Meet Jody Raines

A Passionate Pioneer in Energy Cybersecurity

Explore the intersection of technology and policy through the expert lens of Jody Raines, a dedicated cybersecurity policy and technology enthusiast with a unique twist – a love for dogs.

Expert Insight

Delve into Jody’s comprehensive analysis and forward-thinking strategies in energy cybersecurity that safeguard our future.

Canine Companions

Discover how Jody’s passion for dogs mirrors her dedication to cybersecurity, emphasizing loyalty, protection, and keen awareness.

Meet Jody Raines' Canine Companions

Meet Jody Raines' Belgian Malinois Canine Companions

Explore the delightful world of Jody Raines’ Belgian Malinois, each boasting a character as vibrant and unique as the next. From the playful antics of Gia, the youngest of the Dare x Gem “Gemlettes” litter who loves nothing more than a good game of frisbee with leaping antics and high flying fun, to the not-so-serene grace of Jewel and her daughter Rogue, the mother and daughter duo who guard the backyard from the Rhodesian Ridgebacks who share our domecile with boisterous confidence.

Each pup brings its own set of quirks, idiosyncrasies, talent and charms, making them both beloved pets and champions in conformation and sports.  They are a true part of the family. Whether it’s the mischievous twinkle in Angel’s eyes,  or the loving nuzzles from True, their personalities are a constant source of joy and amusement.

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Interested in learning more about energy cybersecurity or simply a fellow dog lover? Connect with Jody Raines today to explore her world of technology and adorable canine friends.